Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation & Things. No Big Deal.

I can't believe it,'s over. What an amazing four years it's been at the College of Charleston. I have made so many amazing friends and had unforgettable experiences. Freshman year I came in nervous and apprehensive. Needless to say I was scared to death that I wouldn't know anyone in my classes, I was afraid of failure, and the possibility of having no friends. Thank God I am sooooooo pretty and popular! (Inside joke--big ups to my Spring Break group to the DR!)

Although I am truly going to miss living minutes from all my classes, never being bored in the beautiful city of Charleston, and having my best friends all live above me I am ready for a new badass experience. I also can't forget the rejuvenating breaks in Woodbury, New Jersey filled with laughs, and lots of love.

So here is my public declaration: June 29th is the day I embark on my two year journey to Benin, Africa in the Peace Corps! Everyone keeps asking me, "Ally, are you excited" or "Ally are you nervous?". I am definitely both nervous and excited. I absolutely hate having to say goodbye to people and believe me completely terrible at it. But anyone who knows me knows that this Peace Corps has been a dream. When I found out I was invited to become a trainee I broke down in tears. Two years of tests, applications, emails, interviews, and waiting came in a half-hour conversation.  I am  so blessed to be given this experience and will definitely make the best out of it. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my life, I am truly indebted to each and everyone of you.

So here are some pictures from an amazing four years in Woodbury, New Jersey all the way to Monte Cristi Dominican Republic.

Graduation Morning!
God blessed me with two amazing friends
We're the three best friends that anyone could have, hahahah 

Julie D. (Pookes) & I coming home from Philly

About to graduate with a few friends and fellow seniors
In the Sahara Desert. IES Fall  '09

Oh Jennifer, my fav in NYC.

Sistah from anotha Mistah

Valuable Life Lesson Learned in the DR

Monte Cristi, DR

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Nina Deese and I at Charleston Affair :)