Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Benin is Bombtastic

So I am finally in Benin and at computer that I cant say I can totally work. So yeah I am alive and in Benin living with a host family. I have crazy younger brothers and three older sisters and a mom. It is really hard to describe my digs but I will try to upload pictures soon. Benin is pretty different in the states but has been pretty awesome so far. I live in the crazy busy city of Porto-Novo in which the primary form of transportqtion are motorcycles. Thank God I havent fallen off one although another volunteer was thrown from one. I eat a lot of carbs like pasta, rice, and beans for like every meql. They also love fried food here which is really tasty and will do wonders for my health. I have had french everyday ALL DAY and yet it is still a struggle. This week I am stqrting teacher training which will be pretty awesome. Well I only have a couple minutes left and still need to walk home so I will try to write more later on. oh and my number is 22966787912 i love phone calls, letters, and granola bars